About Us

100% Digital

“Digital is the future”. We’re sure you’ve heard that term repeatedly over the years, so much so it has become cliche. However nothing rings truer than those four words. This is where Cheerful Giant Media Ltd. comes in. We can help transition your business or service to Online and Digital Media no matter how small or large.
We’ve got over a decade and more of experience going digital and have been there from the early stages of the world going digital so we know the difference.


From humble beginnings of designing, printing, cutting and delivering business cards for clients to producing T.V. Shows & Vlogs, to developing popular online brands & platforms such as TriniSpace, TriniApartment and Trini.Link, Cheerful Giant Media Ltd. has many years of experience under its belt, across various disciplines.
The evolution from Immature Studio to Amit Productions Ltd. and now Cheerful Giant Media Ltd. spans over 18 Years (since 2004) of constantly striving to produce the best Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean has to offer, whatever medium it may be.
Why the name change? Branding purposes mainly, that’s how serious we are about brands and identity.
Immature Studio aimed at doing mainly Graphic Designs and offering Print Services.
Amit Productions focused mainly on Video for both T.V. and Online Media producing two T.V. Shows and many vlogs for YouTube, Instagram and such.
Cheerful Giant is a unification of immature studio and Amit Production as well as introducing and combining the new medium of web-first media developing platforms such as TriniSpace, TriniFreelance, TriniApartments, and Trini.Link
We’ve gone totally digital
Our services once included Printing and Installation for commercial use, however with the changing times and increasing demands for digital we’ve decided to drop print services so that we may be able to provide the best digital content creation service agency T&T has ever seen!
Cheerful Giant Media Ltd.